Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing homes are charged with providing proper care to their patients. Unfortunately, they sometimes put profit above care. Patients suffer as a result.

Improper staffing levels and overworked attendants are often the cause of injuries to our loved ones in a nursing home. Some of the serious injuries that can occur are fractures resulting from falls, bedsores leading to ulcers and possibly fatal infection, injuries caused by dehydration or malnutrition, and injuries caused by physical and sexual abuse.

Schmelkin Associates, P.C. can assist you if a friend or a loved one has sustained serious injuries as a result of improper care at a nursing home or other facility.

Schmelkin Associates, P.C. is experienced in nursing home negligence. We can help you obtain proper compensation for your personal injuries and suffering. Call 212-227-8865 or toll free 1-888-LAWWIRE (529-9473).

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